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Gateway to wellness Affiliate

The world’s first and only biometric screening and immunization service provider network connected through the sound principles enforced by the Gateway to Wellness Software solution. Affiliates are empowered with the tools they need to succeed from day one.


Gateway to Wellness Software and Affiliate Network:
  • Internal admin and External client admin interfaces
  • Privacy and Security meets international standards
  • Centralized Data and Reporting
  • Built for Screening and Immunization services
  • Configurable
  • Communication tools - emails, reminders
  • Video Education
Data Delivery:
  • Automatic Conversions
  • Aggregate and Participant Reporting
  • Quality Assurance built in through system intelligence
End-to-end Clinic Management:
  • Nurse Management
  • Reporting
  • Data Collection
  • Inventory
  • Finances
  • Intelligence to save you money
Participant Experience:
  • Standardized education through “teachable” moments
  • Reporting for current and historical results
  • Industry leading Point of Care testing equipment
  • Standardized through system based checks and audits
  • Standardized Voucher creation

Current Reach


Challenges faced by screening providers

Language barriers Lack of Experience High development and ongoing configuration costs
Data Transfer In ability to service beyond local boundaries Lack of insight into global trends in health and wellness
Compliance Systems for scaling business No referral sources
Conversions Lack of efficiency increases cost of doing business Lack of engagement due to serviceability
Localization Cost of Supplies and Equipment No Standardization of programming, delivery or education
Privacy and Security Lost revenue Lack of tablet technology
Multiple Vendor Management Reporting Operational nightmares

The Benefit


  • Data Integrity
  • Quality Assurance
  • Standardized Delivery
  • Nursing Expertise
  • Global Reach/Boots on the Ground


  • Messaging
  • Reporting
  • Teachable Moments
  • Self Managed Online Scheduler


  • Single Source Global Provider
  • Configurability based on localization
  • Cost containment
  • Standardized and simplified

Our Affiliates and Partners