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Gateway to wellness software

Gateway to Wellness is a unique software solution that joins all of the pieces together involved in managing, conducting and reporting on health screening and immunization services conducted in any part of the world!


Wellness providers, screening partners, employers and participants with real-time reporting of their screening outcomes.


Deliver the world standard in practice and outcomes to your clients


International leaders in point of care biometric screening services (Brochure)


Providing a wide range of immunization services including Influenza (Brochure)

Allows Screening Providers to:

  • Respond to customer requirements for strict privacy and data compliance standards
  • Fast and direct entry into screening market
  • Attract new business from the Gateway to Wellness International Affiliate Network
  • Access to industry leading solutions including biometric screening programs through local pharmacies
  • Best in class participant and client reports
  • Efficiency and cost saving features from the start
  • Integration with wellness providers and more…
All inclusive Software Solution

All inclusive Software Solution

  • Online scheduler built solely for screening and immunization services
  • Client Management Interface
  • Clinic Management Interface
  • Human Capital Management Interface
  • Inventory Management Interface
  • Accounting Interface
  • Data Capturing
  • Reporting
  • Onboarding - Eligibility File
  • Data Integrity and Security
  • Data Conversions
  • Configurable design
  • White labelling
  • Specialized workflows dedicated to screening
  • Continuous updates and development
  • Tablet Technology
  • All of our solutions are 100% owned by us
Pain of the Process

Pain of the Process

  • Liv’in the storm
  • No more nurses not showing up
  • Equipment missing
  • Double booking of nurses
  • Clinic optimization - Too many clinics booked for same day
  • Equipment shortage geographically due to overbooking clinics
  • Miscalculation of nurse/supply requirements for clinics
  • Miscalculation of nurse requirement , manually calculating nurse staffing needs
  • Communication with nurses manually
  • Equipment shipping/tracking
  • Over/Under compensation
  • Mileage and Courier overages
  • No access to Volume Purchasing
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Revenue Generation

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Staffing Efficiency
  • Inventory Efficiency
  • Data Compliance Efficiency
  • Automatic data conversion
  • No Scheduler leasing cost
  • Communication Efficiency
  • Data Acquisition Efficiency - Tablet Technology
  • No ongoing development costs
  • Version updates
  • Volume Purchasing Plans
  • International Referrals for Affiliate Network members
Our Customers

Our Customers

  • Insurance Companies
  • Wellness Providers
  • Biometric Screening Companies
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Public and Private sector Employers
  • EAP Providers
  • Benefit Consults
  • Associations
  • Pharmacists
  • Executive Medicals