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Patricia Griffith

Senior VP International Business

A passionate and strategic leader, Patricia brings over 30 years of Medical Health Care/Medical Life Insurance and Health and Wellness experience to her role as President & COO for Global Health Solutions. Patricia has worked in capacity of Medical Industry Vendor Management, National Medical Services Management, Health and Wellness Business Development and Executive Operational Management for a national Insurance Paramedical Company.

With the over 30 years of expertise, Patricia is an accomplished executive with the vision and insight to strategically plan, direct, and provide solutions that ensure her clients achieve their goals. She is a champion for excellence in organizations and understands that well designed and executed systems are keys to success and growth to her clients. She has been an integral part for a number of organizations in navigating major changes such as company start-ups, affecting cultural changes, process re-engineering, and systems development.

Patricia has been recognized for her Leadership and Client Relationship skills by receiving the Manulife “STARS OF EXCELLENCE” award in 2001 whereby leaders from around the world are selected to receive the award for their dedication and outstanding contributions to the Organization.

Patricia is a member of Canadian Group Insurance Brokers Association, The Canadian Institute of Underwriters, The Employee Assistance Program Association of Toronto, The Corporate Health and Wellness Association, and holds Certification for Drug and Alcohol Technician.