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About Us

Susan Dineno

Partner, Thought Leader

Sue Dineno has spent 25 years helping to grow the Health and Wellness Industry. Her background in the insurance industry finding innovative solutions for employers looking to increase the effectiveness of their health insurance programs has been one of the foundations of her career. As one of the few women in the industry at the time, Sue pioneered managed nursing care in Canada, improving patient care and reducing insurance costs. Through this experience, Sue gained invaluable insight into the health needs of Canadians and became committed to illness prevention, early disease detection and health education.

Building on her insurance experience and degree in Business Administration (York University), Sue established one of the largest nursing agencies focusing on health and wellness, with the goal of ensuring a steady stream of innovative preventative health screenings and education programs. These programs would be available to Canadians through many venues including the workplace, pharmacies, private homes and clinics. Sue built programs ranging from flu shots to osteoporosis clinics, skin and sun damage awareness events and cardiac health screenings. In 2009, Sue expanded into Australia bringing health and wellness screenings to an international level.

Sue is proud of the contribution she has made to empowering Canadians through giving them the vital tools they need to take charge of their health. Through screenings and educational clinics, Canadians have improved early detection tools, education regarding health care options and information about resources which have allowed them to make more informed choices about their own health.